On June 17 the eighth inclusive festival was held 25.06.2017

On June 17, our eighth inclusive Light of the White Nights Festival passed and successfully ended. This year we were lucky with the weather, that’s why everyone was very happy not only from performances, meetings with friends and new acquaintances, but also from the opportunity to sit on the grass and enjoy a warm summer day.
The tradition of the delegation of the special artists and volunteers of the Pskov branch of the SPRTC has become a tradition. Many thanks to Elena Balykova, the head of the department, and Elizaveta Bryl, the senior group.
Congratulations to Elena and Maxim with the 1st and 2nd places in the nomination individual performance — dances with dogs. As usual, these were bright and touching numbers. Border Collie Chief and Galaxy, too, were on top.
It was very pleasant to get acquainted with the blind singer Julia Dyakova from Moscow and her beautiful four-footed assistant — the dog guide Diana. Julia shocked everyone with a magnificent vocal, and Diana obedience and professional work of the guide. Very instructive was the showing of the work of the guide dog, the audience learned the details of this work about which you will not read anywhere.
As always, the collective of OL-La SPb Center for Social Adaptation, Rehabilitation and Abilitation and the Northern Center for Canic Therapy made a vivid speech. Bright costumes, unusual exercises and the sheer pleasure of working with the dog made an impression on the jury. 1 place was given to Lisa, Igor and Denis — children with Down syndrome, 2 place number «Walk» inclusive duet of Juli and Tasi. In both rooms with the children worked the Risen Schnauzer Lautar.
The adults and young volunteers of the Pskov branch of the SPRTC, the Southern and Northern centers of cannabis therapy of St. Petersburg were amazing.
We congratulate them with the deserved first and prize places:
Olga Timofeeva and Colli Count 3 place in adults
Anna Zagryadskaya and Citron 2 place in adults
Olga Tsivileva and Unya 4 place in adults
Julia and Kai — 1 place in adults
Dances juniors
Elizaveta Bryl and Bk Chif, Elizabeth Bryl and Papillon Mystery 2 and 3 place
Adeline Gusarova and Spaniard Barney, Yegorova Svetlana, with the takis Tosei and Artem Zaglubotsky with the jack Russell Zeus shared the 1st place, because the jury could not choose the best number from very strong performances.
I want to say thank you to the jury members — Kozikova Marina winner and champion of European and Russian competitions in the parade and Yevgenia Gerasimova for clear judging and fidelity to our Festival.
Andrei Timeskov — for help in organizing and accompanying the participants of the festival.
Pskov delegation and Yule — for participation, despite the difficulties of the road.
The head of the studio is Al-La Tretyakova Nina (St. Petersburg), Elizaveta Bryl and the whole Pskov team for help in organizing and conducting master classes and games.
Head of the Southern Canitis Center of St. Petersburg Olga Tsivileva and her team for help in organizing and conducting games and master classes.
Thanks to the Community of Support and Development of Kanis-therapy in Russia.
Thanks to the local administration of MO Lisiy Nos.
School of Scottish Dance Shihallion and its leaders Sergei Kargopoltsev and Nadezhda Alkimovich for traditional demonstration performances and master classes! And also for the story about what social dances are and how they are useful and enjoyable.

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