[Press release] Eighth inclusive festival «The Light of the White Nights» 08.06.2017

June 17, 2017 ANO «St. Petersburg Center for Social Adaptation and the Community of Support and Development of Canis-Therapy» together with partners conduct an annual inclusive Festival of stage training of dog therapists «Light of the White Nights». This year the venue: from 11.00 to 15.00 hours PO.LISSIY NOS, ul.Morskoy prospekt house 2. The main square of the village. Lisiy Nos, 5 min. On foot from the railway platform.

For the eighth year in a row, this unique festival brings together hundreds of indifferent spectators and admirers of contemporary forms of scenic art, combined with an effective rehabilitation component of this method of treating numerous diseases, like cannabis therapy.

The competition and festival unites volunteers working with dogs in the social and charitable sphere of caring for people, and artists of different ages with special needs speaking with a dog guide or therapist. Individual, family or collective rooms are available. Participation is free for all (for viewers, too). Among the participants there are teams from Pskov, Novgorod, St. Petersburg, and other cities of the North-West.

This is an event unique for our city, since there are no known analogues of the inclusive festival of amateur circus, stunt and stage training of dogs in other countries. So the circus studio «OL-LA» «St. Petersburg Center for Social Adaptation, Rehabilitation and Abilitation,» where artists-children of Down syndrome and the dog-therapists-is the only one in Russia.

Among the artists there are children with disabilities, for whom speaking on stage was a real victory over themselves and their illness. For example, teenagers with autism became winners of the last festival. Specially trained dogs helped them overcome fear and act on a par with everyone. The festival becomes a real event for spectators who can not only see the performance, but also take part in master classes on Scottish and Irish dances or summer canist freestyle.

The guest of honor of the Festival is the blind singer Julia Dyakova and her guide dog Diana

The wards of the St. Petersburg Center for Social Adaptation, Rehabilitation and Abilitation, GAOORDI, students of GBOU of boarding school 13 SPb, Pskov boarding school, students of GGBU of school № 657 and others will perform at the festival. A total of 23 numbers were announced in which children and adults with HIA participate.

To the four-legged participants the requirements are strict: dogs must be healthy, vaccinated and with veterinary passports, able to behave well in any society and having a certificate for working with special children and adults. The guests of the festival will see not only dances and trained dogs, but they will also be able to participate in competitions and socialize with dog therapists.

The festival gives an opportunity to socialize and simply communicate with people with HIA, stimulates them to an active way of life, enables them to develop and realize their creative abilities. Participants, despite the age difference and other features, are easily drawn together due to their common interest — love of dogs. And of course, with a four-legged partner it’s not scary to go on stage and show your skills, because a dog loves a person not for appearance and impeccable health, but for being close.

Welcome to the holiday of good, human warmth and the most faithful friendship!

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